Monthly Meeting:


Want a knife for Christmas?
How do you choose?
What gives a knife it’s value?

Dave Evans of Dave’s Fine Knives
will be answering those questions in a presentation
before the December 12th monthly meeting.
Presentation starts at 6:00pm.
There will be plenty of knives to look at.

Maybe you can find one to put on your Christmas list.


Club Update:

“Our club is growing. With over 550 members, and the acquisition of the Milton range, change in the direction of our club is inevitable. The Board of Directors is looking forward to changes and progress that will move our club forward in a positive and constructive direction.”

“Steps are being taken to install handicap access and install improved air circulation and filtration for the Janesville range. Engineering design and funding for the Milton rifle range project are being put in place with the anticipation of completing the first phase of the rifle range by the end of the summer of 2019.”

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