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Dave’s Fine Knives Presentation Before December Meeting 2018

Want a knife for Christmas? How do you choose? What gives a knife it’s value? Dave Evans of Dave’s Fine Knives will be answering those questions in a presentation before the December 12th monthly meeting. Presentation starts at 6:00pm. There will be plenty of knives to look at. Maybe you can find one to put on your Christmas [more]

Friends of NRA Auction Wagon - August 2018

Pictured below is the Janesville Wagon the RCRPC donated to be auctioned off at the Friends of the NRA Banquet on August 10th at the Holiday Inn Janesville. This is a great event that helps the FNRA support Clubs like the RCRPC with grants for projects like our Milton Range [more]

New Milton Flag

On Saturday March 3rd Mark Johnson replaced the Flag at the Milton Range that was in terrible condition with his Father's flag. The flag was from his father's funeral a year ago December. It was provided by the Veterans Administration for him. He was an Air Force Veteran. Mark said [more]

Gun Show - March 3-4th 2018

Thank you to all the volunteers that made the March 3-4th 2018 Gun Show a success! [more]


New membership buttons can only be picked up at the monthly meetings.


Update your email address: contact membership@rcrpc.com 


We need members with an interest in archery to assist the board in designing and building the archery range.

Please contact the work coordinator at maintenance@rcrpc.com


Note: Milton Road is old state highway 26 which now cul-de-sacs at the RCRPC gun club.    NO ALCOHOL permitted on site.  Bring your coffee cup!  ADDRESS: 10853 N. Milton Road, Milton, Wi.

To get to the club for the monthly meeting, from Janesville, go north on the new state highway 26, a four lane divided highway to the off ramp for county N on the right.  At the end of the off ramp, turn left, going west on County N to the intersection of South Highway business 26.  The road to the right is no longer state highway 26, but Milton Road.    At Lucy’s Hideaway bar turn to the right on Milton Road and go to the end.  Milton Road cul-de-sacs at the property.  Please park above the clubhouse for the meeting.  No phone installed yet.

We will be taking renewals and new memberships at this meeting.  We will be discussing plans on how we will move forward into the future on this property.

Rock County Rifle & Pistol Club has been serving the area for more than 100 years.  In Janesville we operate an eight lane, indoor,  pistol range with many recent improvements.  Because of equipment limitations in Janesville we do not allow shooting of rifle calibers other than 22. We allow shooting with pistol calibers up through 45 ACP with no more energy than  a 44 magnum.  Metal jackets are allowed on all permitted calibers. For example, .223 caliber rifles are prohibited in the range.  Shot shells are prohibited even from a pistol designed to shoot them!

Members and their guests may shoot pistol caliber carbines up through 45 ACP with no more than 1000 foot pounds of energy.  Please see Rules for more information.

Shooters enjoying our updated range.
Shooters enjoying our updated range.


In order to join, attend orientation at the Janesville range, see the calendar for the next orientation .  You must be on time for orientation.  You need to submit the application, sign our waiver form and be voted in at a monthly membership meeting.    To accommodate  night shift workers we conduct Orientation Sessions with prior arrangements  in the AM on the Tuesday following the monthly meeting.  We hold our monthly meetings the second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM at the FORMER Milton VFW, 10853 N Milton Rd, Milton, Wi.

Mother teaching daughter to load.
Mother teaching daughter to load.

Our indoor range is  located at 1029 S. Jackson St., Janesville, Wisconsin, in the back of the building on the lower level.  Best access is off Delavan Drive, next to ANGI.

We ask all members to join the NRA.

The club sponsors the following:

Hours: Open 24 hours a day for members.




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