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RCRPC Trap Open Announcement June 2015



June 24, 2015

 RCRPC announces traps are open to members and special guests:

 Initially, Gerry Dorsey graciously has offered to teach trap shooting to our members and special guests from 2 PM to 8:30 PM on Thursdays, rain or shine.  During thunderstorms there will be no trap shooting.  No new rounds will start after 8:30 PM.

 Please check on the web page for trap rules, read them and print them off so you can sign the rules and waiver and give them to Gerry prior to shooting.

 Cost for members five dollars for twenty five birds (round) and guests must pay the guest fee of seven dollars and the five dollar per round.

 We are looking for members willing to run and load the trap during other times during the week.  Please contact Jerry (see newsletter)

 For people interested in mowing, Joe LeBeau will be at the Milton range at 10 am on Thursdays until around 2:30 PM.  Other hours can be scheduled with Lee Scarborough (see newsletter)  depending on the weather.

Watch the calendar for updates at

Other work events at the Janesville range will be posted soon.


RCRPC Monthly Newsletter May 2015




            A special thank you to our deceased warriors for their sacrifice for our country.  Without their selfless efforts our freedoms that we all enjoy would certainly be reduced.



            RCRPC agreed with the Town of Milton to a conditional use permit for our Milton range.  We had to give up shooting 50 BMGs and restrict the trap range to shot guns only. Further no slugs are permitted on the trap range.  Rounds are prohibited from leaving the range in the permit and state law.  Firearms must be transported according to state law. Hours are limited in the permit to 8 am to 10 PM.  To read the full CUP go to our web page.



Membership Renewals still ongoing.

Orientation for new members will move to the Monday of the month prior to the second Wednesday.  Travel time and meeting over runs make doing orientation impractical after the Wednesday meeting.  Orientation will start at 7 PM on the Monday prior to second Wednesday at the Janesville Range.  If you arrive late, you will not be admitted to orientation unless the group agrees to restart the session.  Everyone goes through orientation, no exceptions.


WORK DAY MAY 30, 2015 Milton Range

9 am to 2 pm

We have the materials onsite to start constructing a fence and install a gate.  We need as many volunteers as can dedicate part of their Saturday morning and afternoon to the task of pounding fences posts and hanging wire on the posts. Bring your weed whacker.

We also need donations of donuts, six foot metal fence posts and your efforts to get the front property boundary fenced and properly signed.  Bring your metal post pounder.

We need people to volunteer to mow.  Thanks to Tom from Beloit who mowed the trap range single handedly.  We have an older Craftsman mower that we need help getting running.  Blades need to be sharpened.  We have a couple of push mowers that need attention as well.

   Thanks to Dean C. for stepping up and staking the property corners on the eastern boundary.  Dean also pointed out that Charter Cable and Century Tel fiber optic cable may be in trespass on our property.


PLEASE CONTACT Gerry Dorsey to sign up to shoot, take classes or help with running OUR newly formed trap league.  Jerry can be reached by email (see newsletter)

As is the norm at our existing range everyone will need to sign the insurance waiver and a copy of the trap rules prior to shooting.  No magnum loads or reloads, and only 7.5 shot or smaller (bigger number) shot may be used on the trap range due to the northern boundary.

Two pallets of birds are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday May 27.  Thank Frank M. for being on call to come down and open the range to receive the birds.

Our trap rules committee worked diligently on the first draft of trap shooting rules.  As Trap Shooting represents our first expansion from the basement, please bear with us as we work out the kinks.



            On the best weather day ever in the history of the event, over 160 youth participated in the NRA YOUTH DAY held at the Beloit Rifle club on May 23.  RCRPC members participated in the rifle shooting and pistol shooting events.  Thanks to the many members who helped make this day a resounding success.


Training class schedule

NRA Basic Pistol Class Sunday May 31 at the Janesville range.

Contact Kirk Patterson at for more information.