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New Milton Flag

On Saturday March 3rd Mark Johnson replaced the Flag at the Milton Range that was in terrible condition with his Father’s flag. The flag was from his father’s funeral a year ago December. It was provided by the Veterans Administration for him. He was an Air Force Veteran. Mark said his Father would be very pleased to know that it is flying at the club instead of sitting in a closet somewhere. His name was Eugene Iver Johnson Senior.

The RCRPC would like to thank Mark Johnson for this very special and personal donation to our Milton Range.

We are seeking more involvement from our membership in order to increase club activities. Many of us have great ideas, abilities and some are able to donate time to better our membership. We would like to hear from anyone willing to help out in the following areas or if you have ideas on other areas that could be considered:

These can be with any type of firearm or archery-
Youth shooting
Woman’s shooting
New shooter
New leagues
School team shooting (middle, high and college)

CCW techniques
Holster exchange
Youth education, think young kids under 10 years old perhaps, at the Milton range without ammo but handling firearms in a safe manner. Dry fire in position might be interesting. Firearm education on calibers, types and uses.

Introduction to ________ ?? (Hunting of any type, shooting sports, outdoor survival, fire starting, camping, ect. )

Social gatherings at the Milton range.
Non-firearm oriented fundraising.

I can’t even begin to imagine the group’s we could have if someone is willing to start it.

I’d like to use the following committee format for any category when possible to limit the burden on any particular member –

  • Chair- leads with ideas, the glue of the thought or group.
  • Organizer- contacts others to make the idea happen.
  • Host- the person that has time to run the event.

Contact me if you are interested in joining or helping in any way with the above groups or if you have any suggestions on other interests, questions or comments!

All the best,

Tony Parsons

Range Progress 11-22-2017

Matting behind the 25′ berm

Hydro mulching the backside of the 25′ berm

Laying matting down on the Northside berm

Lower Northside berm matting

Hydro mulching over the matting on the Northside berm

Matting covered with hydro mulch on the corner berm

Hydro mulch over matting on berm behind CFL

Milton Range Progress!

Range pics from recent work, lots of progress being seen!

Starting the project, digging the common firing line to lay in the gravel base.


50 yard berm almost completed.


First layer of gravel installed for the common firing line.


Standing on the top of the 50 yard berm looking at the common firing line.


Cutting and compacting the area for the 8′ berm behind the common firing line after the top soil was removed.


Completed block wall behind the common firing line.


Setting the block for the north wall of the 25′ pistol bay.


Completed 50 yard berm.


Another angle of the north wall of the pistol bay.

Milton Range Build Update

See the attached file for the full update with pictures!

If you were at the June monthly meeting you already got an update on the progress of the range build project up to that point. For those of you that couldn’t make the monthly meeting I’ll bring you up to date. To start with, all of the railroad ties that we are using to build the 50 yard berm retaining wall have been cut, pre-assembled, and the cut ends sealed with a tar sealant.

Early Wednesday evening, June 21st we met with Dean Copp who brought out his GPS plotting equipment so we could locate and stake out the footprint of the range. If you come out to the range, PLEASE, do NOT move or remove any stakes, flags or markers in the range are.

On Monday, June 26th, the delivery of the concrete block started. It took 16 trailer loads to deliver the 206 concrete blocks required to build the range. The final delivery was made on July 5th
Thanks to Chuck Flynn I was able to broker a deal with Lycon Inc. that saved the club Thousands of dollars in transportation fees.

On Saturday, July 1st , Tim Kienbaum came out to the range with his drone to aerial map the range.

Late Monday afternoon, June 26th, we were fortunate enough to have a friend of Kirk Patterson’s, Brady Schultz from Advance Construction, volunteer his time and mini- excavator to dig the trench for the foundation of the 50 yard berm retaining wall. A big thanks to Brady.

On Wednesday afternoon, July 5th, after the last load of block was unloaded, Kirk Patterson and I marked off, dug out, and installed the tube liners for the 50 yard retaining wall upright posts.

If you didn’t already know, we hired Batterman and Associates to put a bid package together to send out to contractors to do the excavating of the range. This bid package included all the necessary contractual information provided by Batterman as well as some very well drawn up 3-D drawing done by my Co Chairman, Dwight Booth. The bid packages were sent out and we are currently in the process of deciding on a contractor.

That pretty much brings us up to date on the range build progress. The next thing we have to do is move the 206 blocks from the parking lot to a staging area down by the ranged. This will take a minimum of 52 hours with a two man crew plus the skid steer operator (Kirk). If you have, or know someone who has a skid steer with a set of forks that would be willing to help, we could sure use it. If you are able to put in some time during the week to help with this range build we can definitely use it. We have to cover 104 man hours to get the concrete block from the parking lot to the staging area.

I would like to say thanks to the following people for helping to make the delivery of the concrete block a smooth running operation. From Lycon Inc., Don Klukas for coordinating the delivery and the loading of the delivery trucks at the Lycon locations. To Jake Larson, the driver from Cook Logistics, that got the loads to us on time every day from start to finish. To all the members that stepped up to cover the 32 man hours it took to unload the 16 truckloads of block over a seven day period: Russell Grim, Don Hager, Randy Swanberg, Roy Venske, Mike Tooley, Troy Punswick, Ron Hallett, Arthur McNeil, Gary Livick, Dennis Heiter, and Ed Kures. And a special thanks to Kirk Patterson and his skid steer for being there every hour of every day to get all the block unloaded and positioned in the parking lot.

If you can use a shovel, a rake, a wheelbarrow, or have any skills you might think can be useful in building this range, PLEASE, give me a call, or send me a text or email and let me know how you can help.

Keep watching your emails, newsletters, facebook, and the website for future updates.

Thanks for your time,

Jim Feurstein
RCRPC Director
Rules Chairman
Range Development Co-Chairman

Railroad Ties and Firewood

The RCRPC has a number of Railroad bridge ties that need to go. The board had decided to offer them to the membership then they will go on Craigslist for the general public. These ties are bridge ties that are not your standard railroad tie. The RCRPC has 12′, 11′, 10′, all the way to 2′ available. The RCRPC is accepting donations to the club as payment. Assistance loading the ties can be done with the skid steer if needed.


The RCRPC also has a number of dead trees at the Milton Range that need to be removed if anyone is in need of firewood. There is also some firewood that just needs to be hauled away. Most of this wood was cut last year and should be ready to use and would be great for a backyard fire pit.