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Needs List for Possible Reloading Course

Needs list 

We are trying to put together a reloading course.  If you can donate or sell the following at a reduced price let us know!

  • Vibratory Case Tumbler
  • Tumbling Media Corn / Walnut
  • Dial calipers
  • Media Separator
  • Lee Classic Turret press
  • 9mm Reloading Dies
  • 38 Special Reloading Dies
  • 9mm Shell holder
  • 38 Special Shell holder
  • 223 /5.56 Dies
  • 223 shell holder
  • Hand Priming Tool
  • Hand Priming shell holders
  • 308 dies
  • 308 shell holder
  • Manual Case Trimmer
  • 9mm case gauge
  • 38 special case gauge
  • 223 /5.56 case gauge
  • Dillion 650 case swager
  • Primer pocket reamer
  • Powder Funnel
  • 9mm loading trays
  • 38 special loading tray
  • 308 loading tray
  • 223/5.56 loading tray
  • chamfer / deburr tool
  • Case lube pad
  • Case lube
  • Powder measure
  • Electronic Scale
  • Balance Beam Scale
  • Reloading Manuals
  • Flash Hole Deburing Tool
  • Primer pocket cleaner tool
  • Universal Decapping Die
  • Small Akro Bins
  • Dillion 650 case swager
  • Kinetic Pull Puller

Contact Kirk at  if you have any of these items or to express interest in the course!

Friends of the NRA Banquet – August 12th

The Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club is sponsoring a table at the State Line Friends of NRA banquet on Friday, August 12, 2016 starting at 5:00 PM. The club has a total of (8) tickets available. Cost is $50/ticket. First come first serve. Please contact the club president, Lee Scarborough at for a ticket. There will also be several raffles at this event. Please see the attached flyers for what is available and who to contact to purchase.

WI-19_2016_Rem 870 Trap flyer

WI-19_2016_4X4 1st shot flyer

WI-19_DANIEL DEFENSE M4 raffle flyer

WI-19_2016 FAUSTI BB Memorial flyer

WI-19_2016 Poster_2Page


RCRPC GunShow Newsletter October 2015

Gun Show Newsletter-Oct-2015pdf

RCRPC Gun Show Newsletter

GUN SHOW October 3 and 4 with setup on October 2, 2015

I just learned we still have over 22 work slots open for our Gun Show listed below.  Those of you who have worked in the kitchen in the past know where the fun is at the gun show.  Others will argue that the night guards have the most fun playing cribbage, but others like the club table.  Each job at our gun show is important to the success and viability of the club.  If you have already signed up to work, thanks, but if not we need your help.

The following jobs need to volunteers to step up:

Set up,
1pm Friday at least four spots open for able bodied workers.

Ticket table,
1-5 pm Saturday (one needed)
12-3 pm Sunday (two needed)


Sat AM  (two needed)

Sat PM  (Three needed)

Sun AM (one needed)

Sun PM (three needed)

Clean up,
2pm until done Sunday          (four needed)

Club table,
All shifts

Please email Tony Parsons to set up your volunteer time and as usual first come first served.


Milton Range Updates

Saturday trap shooting starts this weekend. Contact George Smith for the hours we will be open at (see newsletter) or call him on his cell at (see newsletter).  Cost for members is Five dollars/25 birds.

Our bulldozer has arrived with maintenance work scheduled over the winter.  On Thursday 9/23 our crane truck is slated to be delivered.   This equipment needs work, but has the capability to help us with range construction in the fall and spring.

The mobile home was mostly disassembled two weeks ago. Thanks to all who participated.  We still will need another work day to complete this task on October 10.; Contact Joe LeBeau by email (see newsletter)

Janesville Range

Pellet gun league started up Wed. September 23 at 5 PM.  Contact Chuck Flynn by email him at (see newsletter).  They plan on shooting between 5 PM and 7 PM for the first season until early December, except for Thanksgiving Eve.

Action Pistol meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 7 PM  First time is free, but there after it will be $5.

Bullsye practices every other Thursday with match nights on the other Thursdays.  Teams in the Border Pistol League come from McHenry, IL, Stoughton, Beloit and Elkhorn.  As the scores for the top five shooters are only the scores that count, stop down and learn the sport.  If you shoot badly you will not hurt the team scores, but if you shoot well they will be thanking you for coming to the match.  Bring your 22, a center fire pistol and a 45 ACP to try this out.  Call Jim Bishop at (see newsletter).  At least thirty rounds for 22 and you can shoot center fire and 45 with your 1911 in 45 if you bring 60 rounds.  Other pistols are allowed.

October 14, 2015 Monthly Meeting Milton Range 7-10 PM

“One bite at a time.”


 Wish list:

If you have extras of any of the items below please arrange to get them to our Milton Range.

  1. Screen door donation and installation on Milton Range club house
  2. Small metal shed or lockable cabinet we can leave outdoors for storing gas cans away from the building
  3. office chairs.
  4. Installation of projector screens
  5. carpenters to shim doors on meeting room.

For items 6.7 and 8, 9 10  please contact Gary Johnson (see newsletter) to help him schedule edging, power washing and repainting of trap range walks and numbers and other carpentry projects.










Basic Pistol Class September 2015


8 Hour course September 28th & 29th 2015
This is a two day, 4 hour per day course. 5:00pm to 9:00pm each night.
This course will include the additional information to qualify for Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit.
Plus qualifies for 8 hours of training for Illinois Concealed Carry Permit.
Also certification for non-resident Florida Conceal Carry.
Course will be held at:
Rock County Rifle & Piston Club Inc.
1029 South Jackson St.
Janesville WI. 53546

RCRPC Monthly Newsletter September 2015


RCRPC September Newsletter
PO Box 640
Janesville, Wi 53547

10853 N. Milton Road, Milton, Wi


President’s Report

My ability to accomplish items was sorely compromised on August 25 as I had a bleed during surgery.  The surgeons report my eye is good and  repairable but I have no lens in my right eye.

We need someone who can electronically meld the wet lands delineation with the topo for the property along with range design sketches.   Please let me know if you have these skills at (see newsletter for contact)

Work Day Saturday September 12, 2015

We need workers who are not worried about getting dirty to help systematically disassemble the trailer.  We need metal saws, gas saws, so we can salvage all of the good metal for recycling.  We plan to start at 10 AM and Lee Scarborough will be in charge of this project.  Please let Lee know you plan to work on the project.  We need on the order of ten people to help with this project. Contact Lee at (see newsletter for contact) to let him know you are going to work.

Fall Gun Show October 3 and 4, 2015

We need help at the gun show, our biggest work opportunity to reduce your dues. Please email Tony Parsons (see newsletter for contact) Please include your phone number so Tony can confirm your volunteer work time with you.

We need setup people for Friday October 2nd, 2015 at noon,

Friday evening guards, 5 PM – 9 PM

Friday over night guards 9 PM – 1 AM


Saturday October 3rd, 2015

Saturday early morning guards, 1 AM – 5AM

Saturday morning guards, 5 AM to 9 AM

Front table workers 9AM – 1PM and 1PM – 5 PM

Door guard 9AM to 1 PM, 1PM -5 PM

Kitchen workers 9AM-1PM and 1PM to 5PM

Saturday evening guards, 5 PM-9 PM

Saturday overnight guards, 9 PM -1 AM


Sunday October 4th, 2015

Sunday early morning guards, 1 AM – 5 AM

Sunday morning guards, 5 AM – 9 AM

Door guard 9AM to 1 PM, 1PM -5 PM

Sunday front table workers 9 AM-12 PM and 12 PM -3 PM

Sunday Kitchen 9AM to 12 PM,

Sunday Kitchen 12 PM – 3PM


Take down help at 3 PM.

Trash and Recycling starting at 3 PM

(Trash taken to the Janesville range dumpster. A pick-up or van is required)

If you need hours please respond with your choice of jobs and times requested needed.  Tony Parsons (see newsletter for contact) will try and accommodate you on a first come first serve basis.

Please include your phone number so Tony can get back to you.


Gerry Dorsey graciously donated his time to run trap every Thursday afternoon and evening from 2pm until 8pm.   We have eiiminated the Thursday Trap shooting and moved to Monday afternoon  from 2PM until around 7 PM.  We are adding Saturday Trap from 2 PM to around 7 PM,  Cost for members is $5 a round, the public a $2 guest fee, plus $5 a round.

A round of trap consists of 25 opportunities to break birds or shoot at the air as one of our shooters described his efforts last month.  That is my level of trap shooting consistency too.

Soon we hope to have Saturday morning trap running….watch the calendar for events and changes of schedules.

 Wish list:

If you have extras of any of the items below please arrange to get them to our Milton Range.

  1. Screen door donation and installation on Milton Range club house
  2. Small metal shed or lockable cabinet we can leave outdoors for storing gas cans away from the building
  3. office chairs.
  4. Installation of projector screens
  5. carpenters to shim doors on meeting room.
  6. will the member with the office desk please email me at (see newsletter for contact)