Join the Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club!

Membership Requirements:

  • You must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be able to legally touch or possess a firearm.

Membership Types and Information

The prices below to join the club include the one-time $15 initiation fee. 

Membership TypeDescriptionJoinRenew
Basic Membership Single payment for annual membership.$236$221 (Note 1)
Basic Membership, Auto-PayMonthly payments for annual membership.$36$21 (Note 2)
Household Membership • Annual memberships for a couple or family joining together

• Primary applicant – $236 1st year, $221 renewal

• Spouse or significant other – $70 1st year, $55 renewal

• Junior members – $25 1st year, $10 renewal
$306 + junior members$276 + junior members (Note 3)
Spouse Membership Annual membership when the other spouse is already a member.$70$55 (Note 3)
Junior Membership Annual membership for a 12–17 year-old son or daughter of an existing member.$25$10
Note 1: Members have the option to volunteer for work hours when their help is needed for the betterment of the club. In exchange they earn $10 off of their basic or household dues renewal for every hour they work, up to a maximum of $100. CREDIT FOR WORK HOURS IS CLAIMED BY ENTERING THE COUPON CODE “Hrs-x” REPLACING THE “x” WITH THE NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED. THIS WILL BE VERIFIED AGAINST SYSTEM RECORDS TO ENSURE VALIDITY.
Note 2: Same as Note 1, with the added provision that the hours claimed will be deducted by the system to pay the full monthly amount until the credit is used up, when it will begin charging the entered payment method.
Note 3: Since spouse memberships are already greatly reduced, they will NOT be eleigible for further reduction by work hours. Spouse members may, however, earn work hour credit that can be applied toward the primary member’s dues.

Three ways to apply for membership:

  1. The quickest and easiest method is to join online. Just click on JOIN here or in the table above and complete the appliucation. While you may mail in a check for your dues, the optimal method is to pay online.
  2. Alternatively, you may complete the application, rules acknowledgement, and waiver forms and bring them along with your payment to a monthly meeting. However, this will delay getting your membership button and key while the membership is processed.
  3. Finally you may complete the application, waiver, and rules forms then mail them in along with your payment to:
    RCRPC Membership
    P. O. Box 640
    Janesville, WI 53547

The membership application and waiver can be downloaded here: Membership Application and Waiver March 2019

As soon as your membership is processed you will be emailed a link to the orientation files. When this is all completed you will meet with the membership director at any of the following times and places to obtain your member button and key. Please send notice to to ensure he/she has your items. Also, be sure to bring your completed waiver and rules document if you didn’t mail them.

1st Saturday of the month9:00 a.m.Janesville Range (by appointment)
2nd Wednesday of the month6:30 p.m.Milton Range (Membership Meeting)
3rd Wednesday of the month2:00 p.m.Janesville Range (by appointment)
4th Wednesday of the month6:00  p.m.Milton Range (monthly board meeting at 6:30)

For questions or additional information, please contact the Membership Director at: membership@rcrpc.com6