RCRPC Joins the Marine Corps! Sort of.

A group of RCRPC board members met with representatives of Marine Corps League Detachment 623 on July 19 to start working together to benefit our County and our Veterans. 

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AR Tactical Days

Want new challenges with your AR? RCRPC is introducing a new AR tactical style course this season that will be held in our action bay. These “AR days” will be added to the event calendar from July-September of 2022. Our next scheduled dates are on 7/24, 8/14 and 8/28 between 10am-2pm. This event is open to club members and guests. Shooters will check in at the clubhouse to register.

Participants in this event are to only use AR platform pistol/rifles only. Shotguns are not allowed for this event. The cost is $10.00 for each course run. This is not a club competition or timed event. Speed is not the objective. Safely completing the course tactically is our goal.

A course will be designed that allows the shooter to stand, kneel and advance when participating. This event is heavily supervised, as a range safety officer will be in tow with the shooter.  Only one shooter is authorized to run the course each time. Participants will advance, stop and shoot at many standing targets until the course is completed. Controlled rapid fire only. Magazine changes are unauthorized. Magazine capacity is 40 rounds or less. Target ammunition only. Armored piercing, incendiary rounds and binary triggers are not authorized. Scheduled events will be posted on the club event calendar, emailed or issued in the monthly newsletter.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the event chair listed below.


Ryan Hannah                                                                   

RCRPC Vice President




Marksmanship Challenge

Think you got what it takes to be the best? Maybe just have a whole year’s worth of bragging rights competing against friends and family? Or maybe you just want to sharpen your shooting skills!

RCRPC is introducing a new event that will take place at our Milton range. The marksmanship challenge will be open for competition between June 1 – August 31,2022 and is open tomembers and their guests.

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The RCRPC Junior Member Club is now active:

Meetings are held on the first and third Sunday of each month.

This is a great opportunity for the youth of our members to learn the safe use and handling of firearms through structured shooting programs and events.

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Thank you,
Jim Feurstein

Training Update:

Training is now active. You can sign up via online registration and it’s really easy.

Classes are limited currently. CCW Class and Basic Pistol Fundamentals are open for registration with more to come every month.

Dale Nickel
RCRPC Training Chairman

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