Pellet Gun League

A pellet gun league will start in September at the indoor range. No reservations or pre-notification is necessary. The league is open to RCRPC members. A $1 per target set fee will be required at each match.


League Specifics:

Time: 4:30 – 6:00PM – Wednesdays – 10 matches per league session

Winter League – Jan 4 to March 15;

Spring League – Mar 5to Jun 7;

Fall League – 20 to Nov 29;


Rifle and Pistol .177cal pellet air guns;

All pellets must be wad cutter (flat front face) and not pointed or rounded;


Targets – Air gun 10 meter 6 bullseye targets;

Lower Right bullseye target is for warmup/practice/sight alignment;


Regimen – 6 shots on each of 5 bullseyes;

Total time allowed is 30 minutes;

All shots are off-hand, no support;

Pistol is single hand;


Make-up for missed matches may be arranged only within match period (+/- 1 week from match date);


All matches must be shot to qualify for any awards that may be available;


Scoring – Shooter scores target and submits target and scores to league scorekeeper;

Each shot is worth up to 10 points (300 points possible)

Scores are totaled and averaged per shooter;

Handicap system used to mitigate shooting skill differences;


Shooters can choose to compete with rifle or pistol or both (additional target set required);

Rifle and pistol are separate competitions;


All shooters will be required to review and comply with range safety procedures;

All scoring decisions by league manager are final.

Cost: $1.00 per target set


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