In order to serve our members and the community, Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club (RCRPC) sponsors various classes in firearms safety and handling.  Some classes will qualify for a Wisconsin conceal carry license and some will not.  In addition to open sessions, RCRPC offers private lessons and tutoring by various instructors. 

Hello RCRPC, or non members,

I’m Dale Nickel your Training Chairman of the RCRPC , currently there is no training classes scheduled anyone interested in any future classes for training let me know what your interested in and I’ll get a class together for you, most classes require at least 4 people to qualify for the Instructors to hold a class so tell your friends to sign up too, it’s open to members or non members.

Currently we have instructors for the following training:

AED, CPR, RSO, Basic Pistol, CCW

Our range build is in the works and lots of things going on for the future, be part of that and do what you can to help .

Recruit new members, encourage your guests to join, volunteer to help where you can.

Have a great day !

Dale Nickel
RCRPC Training Chairman


All classes are sponsored by the RCRPC .  Training involving the use of a student’s firearm is only allowed at the discretion of the instructor.  Fees do not include the cost of ammunition or targets.  Unsafe behavior will result in termination of the course.  No refunds for unsafe behavior or no shows unless approved in writing by the Board of Directors. 

RCRPC Training Course Registration

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