Advanced Basic Pistol Stage 4 Training Class

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  • $90.00 for club members
  • $120.00 for non-club members

What you will need for this class:

  • Semi- Automatic Firearm
  • 3 Magazines
  • Magazine Holder
  • 50-100 Rounds of Ammunition

Course Content

Basic Pistol Stage 4 class will start with an Introduction to Basic Pistol fundamentals refresher and then move
right into Moving and Shooting advanced skill drills. These drills will include tactical magazine drop and
change, Moving and Shooting behind cover while standing, kneeling, and in the prone position, all while
shooting at dual silhouette targets in an effort to concentrate fire on one target.

These drills are designed to increase the shooter’s target acquisition ability through advanced eye and hand
coordination, while Moving through various types of cover and shooting positions.

Upcoming Advanced Pistol Stage 4 Classes

*No classes are currently scheduled.*

If you are interested in this class and one is not currently scheduled, send an email to to request one be scheduled.

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